W7 Cosmetics Review #1

Hi all, and welcome to my very first blog review! Woooo!

As you may have noticed, the title says W7 Review #1, and that’s because I have a second little haul of W7 to review. As there’s already enough in this post, I decided to split them into two, and that review will be along in a week or so!
Firstly I’d like to say thank you to my friend Lucy who procured the W7 testers for me – she works for a cosmetics company and these testers came with the W7 displays and she kindly gave them to me. The Photo Shoot foundation I bought myself. And now onto the review!

w7 Fashion Lipstick – The Reds – £3.95 RRP each (Full size)

Now, I’ve looked on the W7 website and some of the reds on there don’t match the ones I have, so some of these may have been discontinued. I can sort of understand why, as all of these reds look so similar that there’s barely any difference!
The colours that I have are: Scarlet Fever (on the site), Racing Red, Very Red, Bordeaux and Kir Royale (on the site).


As you can see they all look very similar except for the last two. They swatch very nicely though, and are lovely reds. My favourite has to be Bordeaux as I’m a fan of darker reds. Kir Royale seems to be the odd one out in the fact that it has a slight shimmer to it! They are nice and buttery and the colour lasts well too.

A shot of me wearing Very Red

W7 Fashion Lipstick – The Pinks – £3.95 RRP each (Full Size)

These pinks have a nice variety of colours. The ones I have are: Coconut Ice, Candy Dream, Negligee and Pink Shimmer.


Like the reds, they swatch nicely. These colours are all shimmery and in a way they remind me of colours you’d choose for a wedding! Pink shimmer isn’t so much my thing, but for those who it is a thing, these would be great additions to your collection!

A shot of me wearing Coconut Ice

W7 Lip & Cheek Stains – £4.95 RRP

If you’re looking at these thinking “They look almost exactly like Benefit’s lip and cheek stains!” then you’d be right! They’re pretty similar. The colours are: A Hint Of Bali, A Hint Of Rio, A Hint Of Tahiti (my inner Phil Coulson is screaming ;)) and A Hint Of Cuba.


Aside from Benetint (which I’ve swatched below), I’ve never used Benefit’s lip & cheek stains so I can’t compare the W7 ones to them! On their own, these W7 stains are very pigmented and I absolutely love them as cheek stains! I find that they go on and blend very easily and leave behind a lovely colour. I don’t care for them so much as lip stains because they have a very bitter taste to them which I didn’t like.

w78    w76

W7’s A Hint Of Bali is a bit pinker in tone than Benetint, which is more of a red. Benetint’s brush is stiffer and easier to control than AHOB, and I think Benetint’s formula is a little nicer, but honestly, if you’re looking for a MUCH cheaper dupe of Benetint I’d say definitely pick AHOB up and at least try it once.

w7 Photo Shoot Foundation – £4.95 RRP

I’d heard good things about this foundation already so I was excited to try it! I’ve been using the same Max Factor foundation for years and wanted something new. I have “Buff”, which is the lightest colour as I’m a bit of a ghost, and the colour suits me well, which I was happy about! There are only 5 other colours in this foundation, so not too much variation.
The bottle boasts 16 hours of budge proof wear, but I did find that after my usual 8 hour day at work it needed a bit of touching up when I got home, even with primer. I do have oily skin though so that may be a factor. Other than that, it felt nice on my skin and covered blemishes really well! I’m going to continue to use it until it’s all gone. My only gripe with this bottle is that it doesn’t have a pump, which means you either have to go all tomato ketchup on it to get it out or stick a skinny brush down into it and scoop it out. I’m hoping now that Revlon have gone the way of the pump with their Colorstay bottles, W7 will follow suit with this one.

w7 Glowcomotion Shimmer – £5.99 RRP (Full Size) // W7 Make Up & Glow Bronzer – £4.95 RRP (Full Size)

I absolutely love Glowcomotion! It’s a really lovely pigmented highlighter that you can use for your cheeks or even as an eyeshadow. I was very impressed with it. Obviously with the full size it comes in a compact with a mirror too!

I rarely use cream bronzers but thought I’d give W7’s Make Up & Glow a try and actually I do like it! It blends in nicely and leaves a good bronze colour. The full size one is a little bigger than the tester I have so plenty to use!


That concludes my first W7 review! I hope you found it helpful! Has anyone else used W7 Cosmetics products?

Visit W7’s website for their latest products!

You can buy W7 from many places online such as:
Fragrance Direct
Direct Cosmetics
And also in stores such as:
Asda, Next, House Of Fraser, TK Maxx and more!


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